I need a block of wood like a slice of a tree stump for splitting firewood
My church is in need of a vending machine snack and/or soda will be most appreciated. Thanks
I am selling 4 Ed Sheeran tickets to the concert 10-13-18. Message me for details. Will take best offer.
I m looking for a kayak in good condition for my family.
I am passionate about baking and cooking. I would appreciate any items that have to do with cooking and baking
In need of dinning room table and chairs that seats at least six
I'm looking for a structure I can easily assemble and dissemble for my little one to play around in without the constant worry she will get into something she shouldn't. Thanks in advance!
I recycle all unwanted electronics FOR FREE(BROKEN OR WORKING): Printers, flip phones, rotary phones, computer monitors(CRT OR LCD ), computers(of any kind; including parts), laptops, random cords/wires, routers/modems ,etc. You name it I'll pick it up. EVEN BETTER: If you have a bulk amount of these items we can maybe look at wholesale purchases! So don't hold onto your obsolete electronics to...
We re looking for a few wood pallets for basement storage. Will pick up. Thanks!
Looking for a stack of clean newspaper for packing. Thanks!
Will pick up any day you say.
I will be able to pick up washer from any location.
In need of a shovel to dig up some dirt in a yard
Looking for a car for a friend of mine whom has no money and is a college student. Please message me here. Thank you
the PC on my older Dell Inspiron 530 died and I was hoping somebody had an unused power supply/PSU laying around that I could install into the tower. I believe these are the relevant plugs needed for the mother board: ATX Connector - 20+4-pin ATX 12V Connector - 1 x 4-pin Thanks
For granddaughter
Description: I'm looking for some Aftermarket Angel Eye Projector Headlights With Dual Lighted Halos headlights and turn lights Let me know if you got any that looks just like the photo and also list the price Thanks.
I just graduated Highschool and I'm looking to buy some Magic cards. I'm trying to make/save money for college so I'm hoping to be able to buy some collections cheap. If you have an old collection let me know and I'll make an offer.
Professional Sales People Needed to Fill Positions: Work from home or office position… Earn $100 -200 per day or more… Training program provided. Computer and access to Internet necessary… Flexible hours: F/T or P/T. Go to http://ushomeworkforce.net/jeatmon for job details. Any questions, call 816.756.9507 Seeking F/T or P/T Service Specialists Jenna Eatmon jaiworking4@gm...
BARRELS/DRUMS: > Quantity of thirty-seven(37) in thirty(30) gallon capacity & > Quantity of twenty(20) in fifty-five(55) gallon capacity Seeking anything up to sum total of 150 cu. ft. of container capacity. Containers' material, construction, & lids must prevent water from entering inside, (must be w/o holes or material breaches). Need A.S.A.P. Will negotiate pricing after ...
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